Advanced Gum Treatment

Frequently bleeding gums, ulcerations, and redness over gums that show up every few months is a clear indication of unhealthy gums. Bacterial plaque, a sticky and colorless membrane, which forms on the surface of the teeth, is the main cause of all problems regarding the gums. This plaque if not removed hardens and forms a chalky, yellowish layer on the teeth, called calculus. If not removed, it results in problems like bleeding, swelling, and a burning sensation on the gums surrounding the teeth.

The treatment for gum disease can be both surgical and non-surgical, regarding the severity of the damage to the gums. The non-surgical aspect of the treatment involves a special and thorough cleaning of the teeth, called scaling and root planing. This helps the gums to heal and the pockets containing the calculus to shrink. In the surgical phase of this treatment, recontouring of the gums and bone is done under the effect of local anesthesia, to decrease the further risk of periodontal disease.