General Anaesthesia

Children with special needs are group of patients suffering from various systemic disorders that requires medical management, health care interventions and specialized services.

Performing dental treatments on pediatric patients who present behavioral problems is usually a great clinical challenge. Also depending on the patients emotional maturity and their physical, psychological and mental skills the usual behaviour control techniques may not offer adequate efficacy and safety when dental procedures are being carried out.

In these circumstances, Alternative method such as General Anaesthesia may become necessary.

General anaesthesia is indicated for Non co-operating patients, special children, and kids with medical conditions.

  • Patients who are unable to co operate with certain physical, mental, or medically compromising disability
  • Patients with dental restorative or surgical needs for whom local anaesthesia is ineffective ,acute infections ,allergy anatomic variations.
  • The extremely un-cooperative ,fearfull, anxious ,physically resistant or uncommunicative child or adolescent for whom there is no expectation that behaviour will improve.
  • Patients with extensive orofacial and dental trauma.
  • Patients with full mouth rehabilitation who needs multiple teeth treatment i.e is pulp therapy , extractions ,Restorations.
  1. Dr Vishwas Patil  is attached to best of the hospitals in pune city to carry out such procedures with utmost safety.

    • Surya mother and child care ,waked, Pune
    • Aditya Birla Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune
    • Vatsalya Hospital, Bhosri, Pune

    They are well equipped with an excellent team of paediatricians and Anesthetists to make it a stress free experience for the child and parents alike. The team is extremely meticulous in following the guidelines laid out by the American society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

    Dr. Vishwas Patil has an experience of 13 years in managing extensive dental rehabilitation under G A &  has done more than 500 such procedures to far.